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Freeman is the sole author and illustrator of four instructional books on photography and visual design, which are widely-recognized as articulate, practical, and inspirational texts on the subject and continue to sell world wide. A fifth book in the series, co-authored with André Gallant, was published in 2001. (These books are listed first, below.) He is also the sole author and photographer for three large-format books, and has collaborated on other major books.

Solo Books

Photography For The Joy Of It. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1977. 168 pages, 60 colour plates. Revised edition: Key Porter Books, 1989.

Photography and the Art of Seeing. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1979. 156 pages, 67 colour plates. Revised edition: Key Porter Books, 1989.

Photography of Natural Things. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1982. 168 pages, 68 colour plates. Revised edition: Key Porter Books, 1989.

Photographing the World Around You: A Visual Design Workshop. Key Porter Books, 1994. 168 pages, 84 colour plates, 7 black-and-white.

Namaqualand: Garden of the Gods. Key Porter Books, 1984. 128 pages, 61 colour plates.

Portraits of Earth. Key Porter Books, 1987. 180 pages, 112 colour plates.

ShadowLight: A Photographer’s Life. HarperCollins Canada, 1996. 176 pages, 100 colour plates, 15 black-and-white. Also available with CD-ROM, Creating Pictures: A Visual Design Workshop.

Odysseys: Meditations and Thoughts for a Life’s Journey. HarperCollins Canada, 1998. 96 pages, 56 colour plates.

The Garden. Key Porter Books, 2003. 192 pages, 107 colour plates.

Embracing Creation. Goose Lane Editions/Beaverbrook Gallery, 2013. 238 pages, 122 colour plates with an introduction by Tom Smart


Safari to Serowe. Gage Educational Publishing, 1969. Colour images throughout. (Photographic author).

Tribal Drums. McGraw-Hill, 1970. 172 pages, 30 black-and-white images. (Photographic author).

In a Canadian Garden. Viking Studio Books (Penguin), 1989. 176 pages, 210 colour plates. (Photographic author and contributing writer).

The Last Wilderness. Key Porter Books, 1990. 180 pages, 137 colour plates. (Principal writer, contributing photographer, and photo editor).

Photo Impressionism and the Subjective Image. Key Porter Books, 2001. 160 pages, 100 colour plates. (Co-author with André Gallant).

Freeman contributed 55 photographs to the Canadian centennial book, Canada: A Year of the Land, published in 1967 by the National Film Board of Canada, and many images to other books published by the NFB, including A Time to Dream, Canada, and Between Friends/Entre Amis (Canada’s official gift to the United States on its bicentennial in 1976).

(Related information) Freeman has written and photographed extensively for photographic magazines in Canada and the United States, for Canadian gardening and motorcycling magazines, and written for CBC radio. He was creative advisor for A Gift Of River, a video about the St. John River.


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