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Medium: Photography Produced on Watercolour Paper in the Ink Jet Process.
Edition Size: 100 Signed and Numbered With 10 Artist's Proofs
30" x 20": $600.00

Very often nature creates its most beautiful displays in places so obvious that we fail to see them for that very reason. We tend to assume that far fields are greener, that the more exotic a location the more attractive it is likely to be. But....

A roadside ditch that was barren and muddy at the end of winter often comes alive in spring, flourishes during the summer, and by autumn is a place of surpassing beauty - available to everyone who is willing to forsake the daily rush for even a moment or two.

If you have more than a few moments, you will discover the range of colours, especially the secondary hues that are so abundant in nature. On cloudy or overcast days you will become aware of the subtle gradation of tones. And you will be very grateful that you paused to accept the gift.

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